The Circle of Elders: CoE

The Murujuga Circle of Elders is made up of Elders who are not only traditional owners and custodians but also representatives of the contracting parties.
Representing the five groups, their unique role is to come together as one voice to provide Governance on cultural knowledge and advice to the MLSU Team on matters pertaining to Cultural Safety and working on Ngurra –country.

The community has embraced the Circle of Elders as the body for Cultural guidance around the cultural complications, risks, and opportunities associated with the Murujuga Rangers activities and proposals. As a result they have strengthened in this role and have been accorded much respect.

As well as providing and sharing cultural knowledge, ethical clearance and cultural processes on many issues including the formation of the Women Rangers Team, Consultations on the Murujuga Cultural Management Plan 2015, the initial Murujuga General and Research Protocol Guidelines and numerous other matters are among some of their achievements. The pivotal role of guiding the rangers forward with historical, and oral knowledge on culture and lore has increased the awareness and standing of the combined five groups of the CoE.

Circle of Elders

Murujuga Circle of Elders gathering at the Yatha talking about the Murujuga Cultural Management Plan Consultations 2015