MAC Strategic Plan

“BALALYI YIJALA BANTHU” – Past, Present, Future – From Yesterday for Today and Tomorrow

The MURUJUGA ABORIGINAL CORPORATION STRATEGIC PLAN 2015-2017 was completed in late 2014. It is a step forward for the organisation and acknowledges its journey from the past to appreciate and view its future direction. To have a vision for tomorrow, an awareness of today, and the past, is essential.

The purpose of the plan is “to help governments, stakeholders, industry partners and the wider community to understand how it operates and to identify ways it can further strengthen the corporation in its direction forward for supporting its members and to protect the rock art and enhance other cultural natural and marine values in the land and sea country”.

“The key role of MAC is stewardship and management of the Land and Sea Country according to the Aboriginal tradition and custom.”

Broadening the economic opportunities for a stronger financial base is one of its key prerogatives for ensuring a sustainable future.

It is especially prepared to guide Murujuga through the transitionary period of 2014-2017 when its main source of income from Woodside funding cycle ceases.

Under the Murujuga Strategic Plan (2015-2017) MAC has developed 10 Objectives and strategies to meet its Vision and Mission Statement to ensure MAC is successful and sustainable into the future.

The overall focus is to;

Objective 1 Recognise the Ngarluma, Yindjibarndi, Yaburara, Mududhunera, and Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo, as the Traditional Owners and Custodians, and provide a united voice in the management of Land and Culture.
Objective 2 Establish Financial Stability for MAC.
Objective 3 Ensure the on-going implementation of the BMIEA to ensure that all proper entitlements are provided to MAC from the State Government and other relevant stakeholders.
Objective 4 Increase the number of local MAC members engaged in employment activities both with industry and general businesses in the Pilbara.
Objective 5 Ensure professional and responsible management of the Corporation assets at all times in order to maximise financial returns and generate enough income to enable an extension of the existing assistance distribution policies to allow the continuation and increase of members assistance in the future.
Objective 6 Ensure excellent corporate governance practices within the Corporation.
Objective 7 Identify funding streams to enable the Corporation to undertake projects that are identified from time to time.
Objective 8 Manage the Land and Sea Country through a sustainable Land and Sea Unit.
Objective 9 Promote the Corporation (Website/Conference papers/Expand stakeholders engagement.
Objective 10 Build good and extensive relationships with stakeholders.