MAC Today

Under the BMIEA, MAC now holds the freehold title to the land that forms the Murujuga National Park, which is jointly managed with Department of Parks & Wildlife under an agreement with the State Government of WA. A key role for MAC is stewardship and management of the Land and Sea Country according to Aboriginal Lore and Culture. MAC is also committed to ensuring that we will continue to see young leaders coming through and everyone working together for the good of country and the people.

MAC is also charged with encouraging the development of projects for a range of purposes including cultural development activities.

In addition to the land management and cultural goals, MAC aims to build a strong financial basis so it can broaden the range of opportunities for its members. MAC continues to source specific business prospects in order to properly invest in funds held by MAC into sustainable businesses which not only bring a viable return but also assist members with employment and skill enhancement opportunities.

MAC has ensured that senior management has developed and implemented strong policies and procedures to properly manage and protect the assets of MAC.

Mac Corporation Structure

Organisational Structure – MAC Team 2016-2017

Organisational Structure – MAC Team 2016-2017