Obligations of the BMIEA

Murujuga Corporation was established in the BIMIEA; “to maintain, receive, hold, and manage money and property for promoting and benefiting the general welfare of the Contracting Groups.”

Not being a royalty organisation, the financial benefits and assistances are limited though their aim is to assist the members in the following ways as stipulated by the BMIEA.

  • Relief of poverty and sickness
  • Advancement of education(including provision of bursaries and scholarship for secondary and tertiary studies)
  • Relief housing, transportation and resettlement of the Contracting Groups in their traditional country
  • Provision of housing for members of the Contracting Groups who are aged, sick or in need of special assistance
  • Provision of medical and health-related assistance
  • Promoting cultural development
  • Care for the aged and disabled
  • Provision of community and social infrastructure
  • Reduction of unemployment by promoting the employment of (or participation in local or regional contracting opportunities and the development of businesses or projects arising in relation to the Burrup and Maitland Industrial Estates Project or otherwise by) members of the Contracting Groups including through the provision of loans, grants or otherwise.
  • Providing family support services; and/ or
  • Otherwise promoting and benefitting the general welfare of Contracting Groups
  • To the extent that such objects are charitable purpose as recognized by the law of equity and the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

Today these benefits have been translated into the MAC Assistances & Policy guidelines provided in response to member needs.