The Compound

When the Woodside development commenced some 1619 rocks were removed to an area known as “The Compound”. Unfortunately several hundred thousand irreplaceable rock art stones were destroyed in the process.

The Compound is currently under the control of the WA Museum. MAC is currently in discussion with the Museum to hand over the tiel and the rock back to MAC so they can be protected and preserved.

In 2014, MAC successfully repatriated the contents from “The Compound” to a discreet location chosen by the Elders resulting in some sense of comfort and closure on this subject.

… has been completed by the Elder men on the Compound site, and it has been rectified as per their instructions. This land is also Crown land designated as a conservation area. It is currently being managed by the Museum. The Museum is transferring that management to MAC. This area is really significant and it also gives MAC better control over it than gaining freehold title and may convert back to the lease and joint management with DPaW. The Elder men are the ones with the knowledge which should not be shared with government agencies. (Chairman’s Report AGM 2014)