The Rock Art Foundation Committee

The Rock Art Foundation Committee (established under the Conservation Agreement) comprises an independent chairperson, a Woodside representative and an Australian Government representative. The primary function of the RAFC is to seek, review, and provide recommendations to Woodside on what Conservation Agreement projects the committee should fund through the Rock Art Foundation. This includes the RAFC meeting with representatives of local groups to seek feedback on proposals and understand the priorities of local Aboriginal GROUPS in relation to the management of the National Heritage values.

Under the Conservation Agreement Woodside has committed to investing in four objectives through the company’s Rock Art Foundation to care for National Heritage values;

  1. Identifying sites with National Heritage values
  2. Presenting and transmitting information about National Heritage values
  3. Managing National Heritage values to ensure the values are conserved for future generation
  4. Researching and monitoring the National Heritage values.

The RAFC have been supporters of the Ranger programme since its inception and resulted in sponsorship over the past four years.