Ranger Profiles

Sean McNeair – Manager, MLSU Ranger Unit

SEAN-MC-NEAIR-ProfileYarndarni (Hello) My name is Sean McNeair and I’m 42 years old. I am a proud Malgana man from Shark Bay (GATHAAGUDU), Western Australia. I am a member of the Bellottie family.

I grew up as a small child on Sea Country in Shark Bay, Western Australia and was taught constantly about my culture and connection to my country from my Grandmother and Grandfather (Elsie and Laurie Bellottie, both deceased) and extended Bellottie family. My mother (Helen McNeair, deceased) is the biggest inspiration to me and always will be. My mother taught me about Respect, Hard work, Pride and Family values.

I have officially worked on the ocean since I was 19yrs old (pro-fishing, pearl farming, Diver, Master and Fleet management) and travelled extensively overseas living and working in the Maritime Industry. I am a qualified Maritime Master 5 (trading/fishing) and Marine Engine Driver (grade II) since the age of 23 years old. I have experienced many different cultures while living and working abroad in different countries such as Seychelles, Vietnam, Alaska and United Arab Emirates.

I began with MAC in September 2013 as a Ranger Team Coordinator and have worked my way up to the Managers Position which I have been in now for approx. 18 months. I am still learning constantly about the Lore and Cultural of this region, especially in my role here as MLSU Manager and have a lot of support from MAC, the Rangers and our Circle of Elders (cultural advisory group).

Mariah Reed – Senior Ranger

mariah website

Wayiba (Hello),

My name is Mariah Reed I was born in Perth, I am child of three and my family ties run into the Yindjibarndi people of the Pilbara region. I began working at MLSU (Murujuga Land and Sea Unit) on July 27th 2015 as a trainee ranger. Today I am a Ranger having fulfilled my trainee probation period.

Some of my duties as a ranger are; Protecting rock art, OCP (on country patrols), SCP (sea country patrols), CoE (Circle of Elders Meetings), Cultural Safety, Inductions\Welcome to country, Flora & Fauna

When on country I help manage and look after the Murujuga national park along with the 4 senior rangers and 2 trainee rangers. The national park consists of 4,913ha of land that is jointly managed with DPAW. (Department of Parks and Wildlife) I also help look after the 42 islands that are heritage listed areas located off Dampier peninsular also known to the traditional owners as Murujuga meaning (Hipbone sticking out).

I’m also involved in implementing on-ground works such as rehabilitation, cultural education and the protection of cultural values.

Public speaking runs thick through the Murujuga ranger program having to speak to large crowds or even just our Elders during CoE meetings and its one of my greatest fears. Over the years I hope to gain more confidents in myself so I can encourage the younger generation to get up and speak confidently and have their say.

When on county we record and monitor areas so we have an understanding of how much people come to these sites and places and if they are taking domestic pets into the park, or if they are respecting the country and rock art around them.

Rubbish collecting is another project we do in the park and is a big matter to us. The animals on country are more than likely to eat something they are not supposed too and it leads to illness and can result in death.

It’s up to us rangers to protect our Ngurra (country) to prevent these things from happening out on Murujuga.

Respect is our motto out here in Murujuga respect and look after country, country will respect and look after you.



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Wanthiwa, Wayiba (Hello)

My name is Brandon Stack Lockyer I am an Ngarluma Mayuga from Roebourne. I’m currently a Trainee Ranger for MLSU I love what I do it is not a job to me is it a privilege to work as a ranger and learn from my elders.


On a day to day basis it is my responsibility to ensure that I as a ranger look after Ngurra being an aboriginal it comes naturally.



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Wanthiwa (Hello)

My name is Conrad Aubrey I am a Yindjibarndi man from Roebourne. As part of my job role I get to conserve and protect this beautiful landscape called Murujuga. I am one of five new trainee rangers working for MLSU. On a day to day basis we patrol the national park as well as national heritage listed areas to protect country. Our role also includes weed spraying eradication, sand dune and vegetation rehab, closing track, sign installation, cultural awareness induction and my favorite welcome to country.

I love what I do which is looking after and protecting Ngurra.


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Wanthiwa, Wayiba (Hello)

My name is Mark Clifton iam a Mardudhunera Man.
I was raised in Karratha/Roebourne and born in Wickham. I’m currently a Trainee Ranger for MLSU
I love what I do which is looking after and protecting Ngurra.


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My name is Sarah Hicks and I am 18 years old.  I was born in Karratha and have lived here all my life.  I follow my grandfather Cane Hicks who is Ngarluma and a member of Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo Group.  I am really passionate about being a ranger for Murujuga Aboriginal Land & Sea Unit and am enjoying learning as much as I can about how to look after Murujuga country as it is very special and needs protecting.  We also do on Country and Sea Patrols, Protecting Rock Art and Cultural Awareness Induction with Welcome to country.  I really enjoy working with the f Elders and seeking their cultural knowledge.  Nothing is more powerful than the treasure of knowledge and the best way to acquire this treasure is to learn from the COE’s.



My name is Michael Boona (Googie) I am a Mardudhunera man and I was born in Onslow but grew up and lived in Roebourne most of my life.

My current role at MAC/MLSU is as the Transport and Logistics Coordinator. In the MLSU Unit my role is to ensure the fleet is ready and safe for use. A significant part of my role is with supporting the transport needs of the Murujuga (MAC) Circle of Elders to attend monthly meetings. This also includes the last two years transporting Elders to the countless workshops on country for the Cultural Management Plan, Lore and Culture Events as well as attendance for Sorry Time.

I am also the Community Liaison in the MLSU for Trainee Rangers to discuss any issues of importance in their work place. Because I am approachable and easy to talk with most people in the community will seek me for some matter cultural or personal and to have a yarn.

I have served worked in the MAC Board for six years. Before joining the MLSU I was also served at the Yindjibarndi & Ngarluma Foundation for five years, so I have been very involved and known within the community. Serving and working for the Elders on Country is very fulfilling for me. Leading by example sharing knowledge with Elders is a special part of my working day. It is long hours but I enjoy it. I hope I am setting a good example for my children, family and the future generations looking after country.