Murujuga General Cultural Protocols and Murujuga Research Protocols

Due to the regular attendance of visitors to the Murujuga National Park, and Heritage sites on the Burrup Peninsula and Archipelago, a series of protocols were developed with the Murujuga Circle of Elders (CoE) to guide and keep visitors culturally safe on Country.

The Cultural Safety Induction delivered by the Murujuga Rangers for visitors to the park is one of the initial steps taken towards creating greater public awareness on the sacredness and significance of Country. By developing an initial series of guidelines, MLSU can address issues relating to appropriate behaviour on land and sea country.

These guidelines are designed to assist the researchers to understand how to conduct research in Murujuga successfully, to be mutually agreeable for both researchers and Traditional Owners. The conduct of researchers working on Murujuga land past and present is a matter of some concern to the Circle of Elders (CoE), Murujuga Land and Sea Unit (MLSU), and Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC). As a result these protocols have been developed as a set of governing laws and principles to ensure that research is conducted in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner.

These protocols work to make the responsibilities of all parties clear and to protect researchers from coming into conflict with Traditional Owners. It is not a prescriptive document that can solve all the issues, but it is a basis on which to build ethical and mutually beneficial research partnerships. It is the responsibility of the researchers/s to build the kind of strong relationships with Traditional Owners that will create successful and meaningful research.

This is a document that will evolve and continue to be updated as Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation grows to take a greater leadership role in all research pertaining to Murujuga, and acting as the linking organisations for the many different researchers, consultants, universities, agencies and other organisations who aspire to conduct or work on Murujuga land and sea country.