Murujuga Cultural Management Plan

The Murujuga Cultural Management Plan 2015 (MCMP) was a two year project undertaken by MAC/MLSU & Urban Design Landscape Architects (UDLA). The purpose of the MCMP was to bring together the cultural, historical, and environmental knowledge of the Aboriginal groups who are the custodians and traditional owners of Murujuga.

The MCMP provides a way for visitors – whether they are tourists, government officials, or industry representatives, to see the country through the eyes of the traditional owners and custodians. It provides access to the traditional land and sea management knowledge, held by the Aboriginal people of the area that has been passed down through the countless generations.

The MCMP sets out the key principals for managing country in accordance with law and culture, in harmony with the seasons and the natural environment, so that Murujuga stays healthy and the management mistakes of the past are not repeated.

The Murujuga National Park Management Plan 78 (2013) was the first management plan used by MLSU & DPAW as part of the BMIEA obligations.