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Murujuga Land and Sea Unit work closely with their Co-Partners DPAW to Manage Murujuga Ngurra (Country). The Circle of Elders provide significant cultural guidance and protocols for the Murujuga Rangers too increase, Environmental outcomes, knowledge sharing, Cultural Awareness for the importance of looking after Ngurra (Country). Murujuga Land and Sea Unit are made up of a group of Rangers men and women. The Rangers are involved in various task; Vegetation Management, Graffiti Management, Weed Control, Sand Dune Rehabilitation, Repatriation of Historical Audio and visual, Artefacts, Human Remains – Reburial (2015) Data collection of Flora and Fauna, GPS ID Zoning – access tracks, rock art, Thaurlu Sites (Sacred Site) Cultural Gender Zoning, Mapping, MNP Signage and Cultural signage.



Every Monday Murujuga Rangers discuss what’s important to our daily works Programme on the 100th National Park.

During our Wangkamarri (Get together & Talk) Cultural Safety Advice and identification is discussed with consensual approval from the Circle of Elders, on Occupation Health and Safety identification. It’s important to have these Wangkamarri (talks) for professional direction.



Rangers invite the Circle of Elders to attend our meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month and we discuss Cultural protocols. On occasions guests are invited to attend the Circle of Elders Meeting. Researchers and Stakeholders require permission before commencing any work on Ngurra (country) they are to follow MAC Research protocol document and engage with rangers and elders. They must also undergo Cultural Awareness Induction and Welcome to Country.

The Circle of Elders supports the future vision of MAC by enabling opportunities for continual training and employment as an investment for the ngarrda-ngarli or future generation.

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Cultural Awareness Induction and Welcome to  Country provides Cultural Safety advice on Ngurra (country) that  is given to invited guests  or the general public so that they have a better understanding  of what the Cultural Risk’s that is identification.

During National Aboriginal Islander Day of Celebrations, (NAIDOC) Murujuga Rangers are very busy conducting Cultural Awareness in Our Primary School. This has increased Awareness and Educating and inspiring future generations and breaking down cultural barriers. This is a positive Social outcome Improving Self Esteem, increasing Indigenous Knowledge for the Rangers and the Community.



Once or twice a day Murujuga Rangers conduct “On Country Patrols” on Murujuga National Park. The things we look out for include; environmental changes in the landscape, man-made, impacts inappropriate behaviour by visitors on sacred sites for the protection of cultural values which include rock art midden sites tool sites and burial sites.

Sea Country Patrol on the Topaz vessel enables the Rangers to visit the 42 islands in Dampier Archipelago of the Pilbara Coast. Monitoring turtle nesting sites, identifying eagle nesting sites general flora and fauna on the islands. As some areas are inaccessible by land due to tidal changes, sea patrols are therefore critical. The Rangers also ensure the Shacks are maintained within regulations and waste management is upheld.


Written by the MAC Rangers Feb 2016