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MAC respectfully acknowledges that this website may feature the images and voices of those who have passed.

MAC respectfully acknowledges the passing of its Elders and Members who have helped MAC. MAC respectfully acknowledges its senior and junior staff past and present who have contributed to the Ranger programme. Together they have made valuable cultural contributions to the development of the rangers and the Murujuga Land and Sea Unit working together with Elders on Country. MAC extends its sincere condolences to all the families for their loss.

Cultural Management Plan Cultural Researcg Protocols & Guidelines. In 2015, the MAC Research Protocol guideline was approved with the assistance of AAA and UDLA consultants, working on the Cultural Management Plan. This was a vital step in managing research projects being undertaken on Murujuga country. These cultural protocols calls for the research being conducted to be initially discussed and approved by Elders or the traditional landowners and custodians of MAC first, prior to any field work being conducted on Country, be it on the National Park boundary and beyond thus respecting and acknowledging the ancestral ancestors of the Murujuga people.

In the later quarter of 2015, the University of Western Australia sought permission of the Circle of Elders to send three soil samples for carbon date testing at Oxford University. It was one of the first consensus sought from the Circle of Elders by a tertiary institution.

In September the MAC Board and Circle of Elders came together to review the final edition to the Murujuga Cultural Management Plan, a two year project between MLSU, the Circle of Elders which was led by Vanessa Margetts of UDLA-Urban Designs Landscape Architects Team.

It is a welcomed and colourful visual presenting the voice of Ngarda-Ngarli (Aboriginal groups) working together on Murujuga Country or Ngurra .

The Murujuga Cultural Management Plan (MCMP) has been compiled with valuable input and knowledge sharing amongst the Circle of Elders, the Murujuga Rangers and members of the Community.

The Murujuga Cultural Management Plan raises ongoing and important issues as well as gives direction for the future goals of the Murujuga Land and Sea Unit. The Plan also outlines actions for MAC, MLSU and CoE to help achieve the vision of caring for Murujuga Country according to the Law and Culture, in a way that keeps all of Country safe and healthy. Examples of how this is conducted are illustrated in the document to be published in early 2016.

Training. The Murujuga Rangers are about to embark on Cert II & III, of Cultural Conservation in Land Management, having completed Certificate II in Cultural Conservation and Land Management in December 2015. To celebrate this milestone the MAC Rangers celebrated together with the Circle of Elders at the Christmas Farewell. This training was adapted to take into account the actual work conducted by the rangers on country which not only includes data collection for the various GIS layers but sand dune rehabilitation to name a few.


MAC proudly acknowledges the assistances of Australian Government, Department of Environment Community, Heritage Icon Grants which will enable the completion of this second part of the project.

MAC also acknowledges; Commonwealth Government of Australia, Western Australian State Government, Rock Art Foundation for their contributions & support of Murujuga. We thank all our  stakeholders; Woodside, Rio Tinto, partners and DPAW for working together with us to look after country.