Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The mission of the Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC) is to bring the three contracting parties (comprising the Ngarluma-Yindjibarndi, Yaburara Mardudhunera, and the Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo) to the Burrup and Maitland Industrial Estates Agreement (BMIEA) together to speak with one voice and to work together in solidarity to achieve positive economic outcomes for the contemporary Murujuga community and its future generations. The three contracting parties to the BMIEA represent members of five traditional Aboriginal language groups.

Our Mission Statement

Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation’s mission is to preserve and protect its landholdings for future generations and to enrich and support the welfare of its members, now and into the future.

Our Vision

MAC recognises that it is unique. MAC brings together five traditional Aboriginal language groups (comprising the Ngarluma, the Mardudhunera, the Yaburara, the Yindjibarndi and the Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo), each with their own dynamics, to pave the way for future generations, to work together for country, and to respect cultural lore, heritage, and traditions.

MAC’s vision can be further explained with the following acronym which together forms the word ‘Murujuga’:

          Maintain –                  corporate and cultural values.
U             United –                      become one voice.
R             Respect –                   respect each other.
           Understanding –       corporate cultural values.
J             Justice –                     equality for our members.
U            Utilisation –                of resources and assets to achieve vision.
          Governance –            strong cultural and corporate governance.
          Achieve –                   the best outcomes for our members.


Our Values

Our values should not be viewed in isolation. Instead, they go ‘hand in hand’ with the philosophy behind speaking with one voice for country. At MAC, we believe in the following values:

  • Lore and culture
  • Protection of country
  • Empowering our people
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Speaking our languages
  • Education and health
  • Transparency
  • Strength, resilience and determination
  • Unity and a strong identity
  • Fairness, equality, empathy
  • Pride, respect, and recognition
  • Elders and tradition
  • Commitment and connection

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