Experience Murujuga

To the local Aboriginal people, Murujuga is a sacred place. It home to the famed ancient rock art (petroglyphs) which are of continuing cultural significance.

There are over one million recorded rock art images, some more than forty thousand years old, found in Murujuga National Park. The rock art tells the stories of the land or ‘country’ and the intrinsic link the Aboriginal Custodians of Murujuga have to it.

“As the Aboriginal Custodians of this land, we want to share our culture and stories with you.”

Join the Traditional Custodians of Murujuga on a 90-minute rock art and cultural experience at Ngajarli (previously known as Deep Gorge). Your guide will explain the uses of the local plants for ‘bush tucker’ (natural plant foods) and ‘bush medicine’. They will also explain how the animals and plants play an important role in daily life. See and feel the ancient artefacts and learn how the rock engravings were made. Hear the creation stories and discover why the petroglyphs are still important to contemporary Aboriginal people.

Head to https://www.experiencemurujuga.com/ for more information and to book a tour.

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