Murujuga living culture centre, one of a kind

Murujuga living culture centre, one of a kind

Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation CEO, Peter Jeffries, told Ngaarda Media it is diversifying its revenue stream through tourism and wants to support its members through education, training and the creation of on-country jobs.

To this end, a $40m tourism project for the Burrup will see its detailed business case study completed by the end of the year. The business case study has cost over a million dollars.

The tourism project, which will be located at Conzinc Bay on the western side of the Burrup, will boast a Living Knowledge Centre, Memorial to Aboriginal Leaders past and present, caravan park, jetty and day-use facilities including boardwalks. Guided tours will be available from the LKC.

Mr Jeffries and Travis McNaught, Project Director for the Murujuga Tourism Precinct, say to get to Conzinc Bay at the moment a 4WD with a lift kit is required but an access road will be constructed to overcome that hurdle.

Mr McNaught said the City has indicated that there may be up to $3m of funding available to contribute to the construction of an access road but that funding is still subject to formal ratification by Council.

“The City of Karratha is providing in-kind support at the moment in regards to project management services and that’s why they are taking the lead in regards to the access road. Their Council also approved that if the road is constructed, they will be responsible for it, which means any maintenance repairs will be the city’s responsibility”.

The Tourism project has secured approximately $16m including $1.339m that is being spent at the moment preparing the detailed business case, which was funding made available by the Pilbara Development Commission and DPIRD.

MAC told Ngaarda Media the business case will be critical in securing the balance of funds required for the project, and MAC’s ability to secure funding will determine when MAC can proceed with detailed design and construction of the project.

“Potentially I think it’s going to be an amazing facility, it’s got so much to offer from a heritage perspective but the natural environment is also spectacular. The area has already achieved a tentative listing, we’re very positive about the area achieving world heritage listing in coming years, so we’ve got a growing international profile, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we not only get domestic tourists but we also get those international tourists coming at some stage”.